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Have a peruse around. 

" I read a book a day, I don't read every word but every day I am learning something new."

God Talks Back 

There are so many of us that are everyday people, not theologians necessarily(at least by profession) or pastors that want to know God better and hear His voice more clearly. We don't have the time to research and study all day but we can share our experiences with others as a form of "life hack" but a "faith hack" tip or trick. Hopefully sharing the tools and things I have learned in my 20+ year walk with God can help unlock a breakthrough in your walk with God. Dive in, chase God fiercely, and while I hope you take something away I hope that at some point we can connect and I can learn something from you as well. We are all imperfect, all our stories have power and we need to share. God designed us to be in community for a reason. When you read I pray you will be inspired to share and allow others in community to share with you. 

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