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Castles of Control

We live in Castles of Control. Thinking that if we can control all the variables that we can avoid uncertainty. Inevitably in life and in our walk with God we will walk in uncertainty and ambiguity. We can not protect ourself via control. We can be ready, we can be wise in our decisions and be prepared. It is important we respond well to uncertainty. Controlling situations is not nearly as good as what we can trust God for.

Dover Castle, England.

Many times in the Bible we see women especially but men as well, have a tendency to try and take control in very trying and troublesome circumstances. We think we can outsmart the situation that we feel powerless in using our incredible intuition and intelligence. When really we are powerless in ourself because someone much more powerful is taking care of us.

A perfect example is Sarah and Abraham. (Paraphrased bible story to follow - the accurate and much better told story is in Genesis 17) If you are unfamiliar, they could not have children for a long time. God had promised they would be fruitful and have many children but in Sarahs old age she laughed at God's promise in utter disbelief that her having children was a possibility in her old age.

Can we just pause and acknowledge the fact that she heard from God and laughed at Him?! So crazy and so funny!

In an act of desperation Sarah directs her husband to produce a child with their slave at the time. Once the child was born Sarah was full of regret and a lot of really negatives things follow.

God has spoken things over each of us, there are so many promises in His word and in our quiet time that He gives us. We have to 1. Remember those promises and 2. Trust God's good and perfect character to fulfill those promises in His good and perfect timing. AKA have faith.

It's a discipline. I am so thankful to have my friends to remind me to let go of things of which I grip so tightly. Often I catch myself with clenched palms. Holding on tight to control and often reminding myself to let go and when I am worrying too much or am too stressed and anxious then I find myself thankful to have friends family and Reuben to remind me to let go of control.

Instead of focusing on "not being worried, not controlling, etc." focus your attention on God's promises, his character, on being content and fully present and faithful where you are. Look for the things God is doing around you. If you just can't stop worrying then write it down and get it out, give yourself a time limit and then focus on truth. Philippians 4:8-9


A Physical act I do to remind my brain is sometimes when I am praying (Andrea Watson's amazing idea) to open up my hands and face my palms up to say, "I'm not holding tight to things, it is in your hands God."

A Prayer you can pray. "God i give the situation to you. I give you my wants and desires, my hopes and dreams as well as my fears and worry's. God I trust you to take care of me. I surrender it all to you. I let go of control and am choosing to have faith because God I want to be obedient to you, I want your will and your kingdom to come over my will and over building my kingdom. Please remind me of your promises and give me faith to trust what you say.


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