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Let's Learn Together

I am not perfect and I don't want to pretend to be. Everyone likes to have their stuff together, no one like to feel like a mess but we can still be imperfectly transparent together. We can want to hear from God, we can want to be more like God and know Him better. We can do that together. Hearing from God and becoming more like Him happens in the big and little ways of our everyday lives. It is the random person God puts on our heart throughout the day and the small act of obedience use follow to encourage them or the intense conversation you really don't want to have, praying it is full of the Holy Spirit. It is catching yourself from doing or saying that thing you totally can do or say but may not be the most beneficial either now or in the long term.

I want you to be so close to God. I want you to know His voice. While I am not perfect at it, I have learned a lot along the way to hopefully be able to help other people on the journey. I hope you will journey together with me.


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