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raise yo spectations


Yes i spelled it wrong on purpose to hopefully catch your eye but more so that the phrase you have heard before wouldn't just slide over your head. We often hear things over and over but have not gained a whole understanding of them. What does it mean? How do we do it? Most importantly why.


We all have a hope in Jesus that He is not done working. He is not done working in us, our relationships and communities. That being said, wherever we are, whatever circumstances we are currently trudging through, we can have hope and faith that God is carrying us into a better future.


Belief in God - Faith in God - Trust in God - These are crucial building blocks of our faith. You may think to yourself, "I know God is real, but I don't see God answering any of my prayers. Whether it be the salvation of your friend, family member or co-worker or maybe your personal healing, or relief in your workplace or spouse or a child. You are praying and having faith God will provide, whether it is how we want, but more importantly how God wants --

Sidenote 1: (All of this prefaced with a life & heart fully surrendered to God and his plan.)

Sidenote 2: (This conversation could get into a whole theological debate, but I will address that in a seperate post at a later date & will tag here once I have done so.)


All of that being said that's easy to say but how do we actually do so. As with most things, if we are struggling to have faith in God it just means we aren't trusting in God. A practice I have gotten into when I notice I am not trusting God is to meditate on the characteristics of God because. He is a generous father. He can do the impossible. I believe if you fully understand who God is that you would find it that much easier to trust Him.



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