Jill of all trades?

Not an expert in one 

       but experienced in many.

Intelligent Creatives

I am a strange breed of the "Creative Type". Straight home from school everyday to get my homework done. One of my top five values is Intelligence. At the same time, I have always needed a creative outlet. And that outlet changes, OFTEN. 

After reading the book, Multi-Careering by Bob Goff I have been inspired not to limit myself to one thing. Acknowledging that I have many strengths. Some coming natural and others have been developed. I believe all of these things can be a great help and I enjoy all of them. So why restrict myself to just one? 


Does your business need a landing place for people to always be able to get information about your business? I would love to help!

Social Media

Need more traffic to your business? Social Media is an easy boost!


Is there a place in your house where the clutter drives you crazy? Or you just need some more efficiency in your everyday? Let's come up with a creative solution!


Want to update your wardrobe? We can meet or even shop together!

Technology Lessons

Do you love your smart phone, tablet or other technology but feel lost or confused sometimes? I'll show you some tips to make you a pro!

Technology Assistance

Is your computer running slow or not working? Need help connecting a few devices? Let's find a simple solution. 


Want to appeal to your ideal customer or for your ideal customer to know you exist? There are plenty of options to make that happen!


Looking for the perfect job? Use your resume to sell yourself in 30 seconds. Let's design something that represents you!

Event Planning

Dinner Party? Baby/Bridal Shower? Business Lunch? Let me take care of the details and set the best possible atmosphere for your event!

Wedding Day Coordinator

Don't want your wedding day to be stressful? I will be the go-to for every single detail on the day and protect your wedding day experience to make it the most serene and joyous it can be!

Contact Me

Based in Sacramento ,CA but it's a small world. Let's Connect!

Tel: 916 - 704 - 6922

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Thank you very much!